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Thank You To All

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I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the followers, readers, commenters and re-bloggers of the SIH blog for all your kind words and encouragement to me.  Yesterday was a very blessed day for the SIH blogsite.

Along with the review by Citizen Tom, I received several very encouraging comments on how the SIH blog has been a blessing to others.  The Lord continues to bless the SIH blog site with continually increasing number of hits and visitors. Yesterday was a record setting day for the website.  We had more hits, and more visitors to the blog than any other day in its history.  I only speak of this to bring honor and glory to the Lord for His grace and mercy He is showing to the blog.

When I began the blog about 2 years ago, I simply wanted to share God’s Word to others in an understandable fashion and to be a source of spiritual strength for those seeking the Truths of His Word.   This blog has been dedicated to the Lord from day one.  If there is anything good that comes from this blog, it is only because of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.  From my Lord’s grace comes my physical and spiritual life.  Whatever small ability I may have to understand and then communicate His Word to others is only by His unmerited blessings that He has placed upon me.  I can truly affirm Christ’s teaching that “Without me (Christ) ye can do nothing.”

Not only do I thank the Lord for His intervention and grace in my life, I also thank Him for the wonderful followers, readers, commenters and re-bloggers that have graced the SIH blog.  I hate to begin to attempt to list them by name for fear of missing someone, however, I do see a need to recognize those who have been special sources of encouragement to me.

Approximately 2 months ago,  Evelyn Goh, a wonderful Christian lady and founder of the Christian Blessings Blog ministry, invited me to post my blog postings to the CB site on a weekly basis.  This has opened up another opportunity for SIH Ministries to reach others for our Lord.  I thank the Lord for Evelyn and the CB ministry. The Christian Blessings Ministry is a blog that is composed of several different bloggers who present God’s Word in a very understandable, practical way.  At Christian Blessings you can be exposed to different opinions, and presentations of God’s Word. You can read all about the Christian Blessings ministry by clicking on this link: About Christian Blessings

Also to Jon and Lisa Cardwell at Justification By Grace – I would like to thank Jon and Lisa for the wonderful review they did of SIH blog.  It was a great blessing and encouragement to me, and much appreciated.  I have become acquainted with the blogging ministry of Jon and Lisa for only a short period of time but I can truly say it is one of the most Scripturally sound blogs I have seen.  Along with Jon’s messages, they include the writings of many of my favorite authors.  Some of the authors they frequently post are CH Spurgeon, John Bunyan, John Newton, Robert Murray M’Chenyne etc.  You can count on reading authors that only hold to the belief of salvation by grace. In my mind, it is one of the best websites I’ve seen to learn more of God’s Word and the wonderful gracious salvation that He offers to us.

Some of my “encouragers” have been faithful followers for quite a long time…. They include:

PJ at PJ’s Prayerline – PJ was one of my first followers and commenters and she continues to do so today.  Her website is devotional in nature. She includes her personal experiences and opinions along with the Scriptures to point out many practical points about service to the Lord.  Although, I cannot say I agree totally with doctrinal beliefs, from a practical, daily Christian living standpoint, her blog is a true blessing to any who read it.

Angela at  Meeting In The Clouds  – Angela used a combination of true stories, illustration and art to present the principles from God’s Word for daily living. Through her postings that Angela presents the Word of God in a very understandable, sound manner.  It is always a blessing to see the unique way that Angela presents the Word.

Paul at  Certainty Of Drawings – Paul uses art to illustrate principles from God’s Word.  I am not, by any means an artist, nor do I appreciate art as I should.  However, from the first time I saw Paul’s art, I found myself amazed at his artistic abilities.  Once again, I have to say that I may not fully agree with a few of Paul’s beliefs, but certainly, this blog will be a blessing to any who appreciate art and the Word.

Some of my newer followers whose comments and words of encouragement have been an added blessing to me include:

Granbee at Granbee – Although one of my newer followers, Granbee has become one of most frequent commenters.  If you visit her website, you will find a unique combination of Bible verses and poetry that work together to present principles from the Word.  Granbee amazes me with her poetry for it is very unique, using fictional characters to illustrate the Scriptures for each day.  If you have an interest in poetry, I know that you will enjoy her blog.

Debbie at If Today We Hear – Debbie is another one of my followers that uses a combination of poetry and the Word to present spiritual truths.  I really enjoy the way that Debbie chooses a set of verses for the day, she then finds an important truth in those verses, clearly states it and then presents a poem to illustrate it.  I visit Debbie’s blog everyday, normally when I need a quick break from my tasks for the day to get my mind on the Lord and His Word.

Patricia (LoopyLoo) at  My Blog – On “My Blog” Patricia presents a wide variety of postings that range from video sermons, Christian music videos, news and political events of the day, and short devotional writings, among others.  When I visit her blog, I have found myself staying for a good amount of time browsing all the different material she has posted.   This is another website that is great just to give you a break from your routine and maybe listen to a song or short message from His Word.

Added to this list are my Facebook, Twitter and Youtube friends who have been great sources of encouragement as well.  Thank you all so much for your kind words.

Again, I am sorry if I have missed anyone. Please forgive me. And thank you, to all who have been a part of the SIH ministry.  May the Lord bless you as you study His Word.


  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Thank you for the mention Pastor Rob, I always enjoy when people tell us what they enjoy following because it gives me an opportunity to try something new and discover treasures that I have missed. There is such a wide variety of people spreading God’s word and it gives me a chance to find new possibilities to learn. God bless you my friend!

  2. granbee says:

    Pastor Rob, you have brought tears of both joy and humility to my eyes just now when I read how you honored my poetry and the scriptural insights revealed at my granbee website! As you say, it by the power of the Holy Spirit and through Grace alone that all of these inspirations and character creations travel from Him above out through my fingertips. Much of my inspiration and understanding of “critterly characters” comes through the blessed childhood and teenage years I experienced in rural central Mississippi with life-loving,God-loving parents and community elders and friends. God has blessed my mind and body in such a way as to allow me now, at age 65, to commit to full-time writing, with very clear memories of so many lessons of the spirit learned from living with critters!
    I, too, occasionally guest author over at Christian Blessings and would also encourage all to read and learn there frequently. Evelyn Goh is a continual source of strength and comfort to so very many involved with Christian Blessings.

  3. O my goodness, dear pastor. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. I am truly humbled, especially after having been blessed through your videos and articles.

    May our precious Lord continue to bless and keep you, your family, your ministry, and His sheep in your care with the fullness of joy in Christ’s presence, and also with eternal pleasure forevermore at His right hand.

  4. Debbie says:

    I am so blessed how He has blessed you and SIH! 🙂 For all the bad things that can be said about the internet, God has given us a way to do something good with it, for Him and by Him. God bless you, Rob, and the work of your hands!

  5. pj54 says:

    Hey Rob! Thank you so much! You have been a precious follower and blessing to me as well. I pray that we continue along this path. Even with doctrinal differences we have so much common ground. I love your teaching. In ministers to me daily. God bless you and yours,


  6. What an encouragement to your encouragers! Thank you, Rob, for including me.

    I totally agree with what you write . . . . . “If there is anything good that comes from this blog, it is only because of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever small ability I may have to understand and then communicate His Word to others is only by His unmerited blessings that He has placed upon me. I can truly affirm Christ’s teaching that “Without me (Christ) ye can do nothing.” . . . . . and if I may, I also apply it to myself. It is ALL praise to Him.

    I have always appreciated your writings and look forward to more.

    I haven’t been here for a number of days, because my husband had a minor heart attack on Sunday (sitting in Church, near the front, during the sermon – ambulance paramedics treating him there). He is OK now and will soon have a Pacemaker fitted.

  7. eof737 says:

    Thank you too for sharing the Word. 🙂

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