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SIH’s Think On These Things: Healing The Leper

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The healing of the leper is the next miracle in our series…This miracle is recorded for us in Matthew 8:1-3, Mark 1:40-42 . 

Following the Lord’s Sermon on the Mount, a leper approaches Christ, worships Him and requests that he would be healed of His leprosy.  Let’s take note of the leper’s request… “Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.”  The Lord then grants his request and the leper is immediately cleansed from his leprosy.

For today’s devotion let’s look at the three parts to this leper’s request because in this request we find a perfect pattern for us to follow when we bring our requests before the Lord.

  1. Lord – the leper recognized he was under the authority of Christ.  Therefore, he could not command, nor obligate Christ to fulfill the request he was about to bring to Him.
  2. if thou wilt – the leper understood that Christ’s response to his request would be in alignment with the desires of Christ. Christ would have the final decision.  It would be in fulfillment of the eternal decrees of the God.
  3. thou canst make me clean. – the leper came before Him in faith, confident that Christ had  both the necessary authority over the leprosy, as well as, the ability to      heal him of this dreaded disease.

Anytime we bring a request before our Lord do we share in the attitude of this leper?

  1. Do we come recognizing He is our Lord and therefore not obligated to answer our prayer?  Do we see that if He sees fit to answer our prayer it will only be as an act of His glorious grace?
  2. Do we come understanding we will not be changing His mind, nor manipulating Him in any way? Do we recognize that His eternal counsels from before the beginning of the world are in place and that He will be working in accordance with them?
  3. Do we come before Him in faith understanding He is the Sovereign Lord over all, with both the authority and the ability to accomplish that of which we are requesting?  Are we convinced that no problem we face is too great for Him to remedy?

By God’s grace, our attitude as we come before Him will transform our prayers from selfish requests to acts of worship bringing glory and honor to His name.

May the Lord bless each one of us as we “Think On These Things”.

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  1. conmakhalira says:

    Thanks Rob for a touching article. Indeed, as I approach God, I need to realize that He is Sovereign and Gracious God who knows best and has a bigger picture of every situation hence He will answer as He sees fit.

  2. The issue of God not being obligated to answer our prayers is a little confusing for me..While I know He is not..except I thought with one exception..that Jesus said..’.Ask anything of the Father in my name and He will do it unto you”…This seems straightforward to me…that He will answer because Jesus is our intercessor…of course basing this on God’s timing and that He knows what is best for us…etc. Am I expressing what I’m trying to get at? Diane

    • Rob Barkman says:

      ..’.Ask anything of the Father in my name and He will do it unto you”… the key to understanding this verse is the phrase “in my name”. This phrase implies we are praying desiring His will to be done in the issue. The key to answered prayer is always praying in submission to His desires for our lives. He will always answer that prayer because He always will perform His will for our life.

      Hope that helped a bit. Lord bless you. Thanks for a great question I’m sure many will benefit from it.

  3. milenanik3 says:

    Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.Thank You Lord.

    Please brother Rob,will You pray for me.
    Be blessed!

  4. Debbie says:

    Pastor Rob . . .this really hit me tonight. I had to stop and pray like that leper, understanding it in the way you blessed us with. Thank you so much! God bless you for these studies of His word.

  5. A perfect pattern – Amen!
    He is Lord; He is Sovereign; His authority is indisputable.
    He is not obligated in any way – except by His own nature and His Word. He CANNOT break His Word. He has CHOSEN to work on our behalf in answer to our prayers – not because of our asking, but by His grace.

    What an amazing God!

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