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I am reblogging this in response to several questions and requests that have been made to me the past several days. I am trusting that this will help to answer your questions. Towards the end of this posting you will find the issue of abortion in the case of rape and incest specifically addressed.  Thanks for all your communications with me. If you still have any questions, continue to use my SIH email address:.

Settled In Heaven Blog

SIH STSTA ICON(Author’s Note: Due to the length of this Bible study, I have explained many of the Scripture verses in a very general, basic way.  If you have any questions concerning this Bible Study please feel free to contact me at  I will be answer any emails promptly.)  

With the presidential debates taking place, I thought it would be a good time to review what the Bible teaches about some of the moral societal issues of today.  At the forefront of these issues are abortion and homosexuality (and same sex unions).  In today’s blog, I would like to center our attention on abortion.  In a later blog entry we will look at homosexuality and same sex-marriages.

Let’s begin today’s look at the Scriptural teachings on abortion.


Exod 20:13 (KJV) Thou shalt not kill.

Matt 19:18 (KJV) He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do…

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  1. Very interesting to read the second time too Rob, and so needful to be read by many as the abortion debate heats up, with ‘high officials’ coming out in favour.

    Abortion is ALWAYS murder, regardless of circumstances, and we need to pray for those in power who are willing to stand up for the rights of the unborn.

    • Rob Barkman says:

      AMEN!. As much as it must be a horrible ordeal to be the victim of rape or incest…. what a blessing it is to know that the victim has been faithful to their Lord in the midst of it all by allowing the baby to be born into this world and live out their life that is given from God. As far as I am concerned this would be one of only a few of the greatest acts of obedience and love that could ever be had on earth. Mayt the Lord reichly bless those ladies who have been faithful to Him in this way. And for those who made a different decision, may the Lrod bless by showing them that He is always waiting to forgive them and bring comfor to their hearts as they come to Him in repentance.

  2. Debbie says:

    Thank you, Pastor Rob . .. what a servant’s heart you have. God bless you!

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