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What Should Be The Subject Of Our Next Devotional?

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SIH ICONWell folks, it is time for me to start planning upcoming postings for 2014.

I would greatly appreciate your input on what subjects you would like to see SIH cover in the upcoming year.

My desire is for us to study together subjects that will help us along life’s way and be better servants of Christ.  Therefore, I am not asking for you to choose what topic has the greatest interest for you.  Nor am I asking what subject would be the most pleasurable to study.

Here is what I am asking you to do… from the list below please choose up to 3 subjects that you believe would be the most spiritually beneficial for you.  If your most spiritually beneficial subjects are not found on the list, you are welcome to make suggestions by leaving a comment for me.

I am trusting the Lord to use this to help me to come to an understanding of the spiritual needs of the SIH readers.  I want your time spent reading the SIH postings to be of greatest benefit for you.  I appreciate so much your visiting the blog and the last thing I want is for your valuable time to be wasted during your visit.

(By the way, I do recognize that it is my responsibility to make all the final decisions on what subjects will be covered in the SIH blog.  I am simply trusting the Lord to use this survey as one of several pieces of information that will help me come to a final decision of the blog’s contents through 2014.)

This weekend we will post the survey for the next devotional subject.  Next weekend, Lord willing, we will post a survey that covers the longer video lessons we will be posting.

All of the devotional postings will be a verse by verse study of books of the Bible…. Our Proverbs series should end toward the end of 2013. Today’s survey will be for devotionals posted in 2014.

The survey will be available for one month.



  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Wow nice poll! I’m kind of bias, I like Philippians a lot so…

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