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Death and the Afterlife… What’s Next?

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This lesson was originally posted in February 2011. I trust it will be a blessing to us all !

Settled In Heaven Blog

SIH STSTA ICONShintoism calls it “Ama-No-Hashidate”; some of the New Age followers call it “Astral Plane”;  Aborigines describe it “Bralgu”;  Buddists have given it the name “Ching Tu”;  “Djanna”, or the “Garden of Allah” is the Islam version;  the Native American Indians called it “The Spirit Land”;  Eskimos give it the title “The Land of the Moon”;  Hindus describe it as “Nirvana”;  “Pole Star” was the common title for it given by the Aztecs;  “Sheol” was the chosen Hebrew term; while the Greeks called it “Hades”;  and the state of the dead for the Norse warriors was called “Valhalla”; and many, many, others.  For a more complete list please see:

So many names, so many different beliefs, for the place and/or condition of those who have died!

“What takes place, if anything, after a person’s spirit is separated from their body?”

“Where does their spirit go?”

“What can I do now…

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