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Revelation 1: Summary

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In our previous studies we have seen that Revelation chapter 1:, the introductory chapter of the book of Revelation, contains 4 main divisions:



  1. Revelation 1:1-6 – John’s introduction to this book
  2. Revelation 1:7-8 – John describes Christ’s second coming in wrath against sinners
  3. Revelation 1:9-11 – John’s commission (calling) to write the book of Revelation
  4. Revelation 1:12-20 – John’s vision of Christ in the midst of His local churches





1.  Revelation 1:1-6 – John’s introduction to this book 

In this section of Revelation, we saw the book’s author was God and was written to seven local assemblies of believers in existence in John’s day.

We also saw how the book was handed down from God to Jesus Christ, to His angel, to the Apostle John.  John was then to deliver this message to seven specific local churches of Asia.

Also, we had the true nature of the book revealed to us.  It was a book that’s purpose was to reveal Christ through the use of symbolism.

Finally we saw John’s greetings to these churches.  His greeting centered on the great blessings the members of the churches had received through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the sacrificial death of Jesus.  He closed his greeting by describing many different blessings that come to man through the death of Christ through faith in Him.

For a much more in-depth look at this section of Scripture:



 2.  Revelation 1:7-8 – John describes Christ’s second coming in wrath against sinners 

In this section of Revelation, we are given a warning about the second coming of Christ, and His great wrath that will fall upon sinful mankind.

Also, we saw a reminder of Christ postion as Creator, Originator and Perpetuator of all creation.

All of these truths of Christ reveal Him as the Almighty God.

For a much more in-depth look at this section of Scripture:



3.  Revelation 1:9-11 – John’s commission (calling) to write the book of Revelation

In this section of Revelation, we are told of John’s current condition, being a prisoner held on the isle of Patmos.

Also, John explains to us that he received a vision from God that directly called Him to deliver this message to the seven local churches of Asia: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.

For a much more in-depth look at this section of Scripture:



 4.  Revelation 1:12-20 – John’s vision of Christ in the midst of His local churches

In this section of Revelation, John receives a vision of Christ which emphasizes His close relationship and communion with His assemblies.

In this vision, we saw Christ standing in the middle of a circle of candlesticks, each representing local assemblies.  The pastors of these assemblies are symbolized by seven stars that are being held in the hand of Christ.

Much can be learned about Christ through the symbolic description we are given.  In this vision, we see Christ as perfectly righteous; our great High Priest; pure and without blemish of any kind; possessing perfect truth, understanding, and wisdom; flawless in rendering and executing judgment upon mankind.

And, finally, in this vision we see the great authority, power and importance of the Word of God being symbolized through the sharp, two-edged sword that is seen coming out of the mouth of Christ.


This section is a perfect introduction to the individual messages to the church that will be given to John in chapters 2: and 3:


For a much more in-depth look at this section of Scripture:




In our next lesson, we will begin looking at Revelation 2:.  In Revelation 2: and 3: we will be reading the personalized letters written to each of the seven local churches of Asia.  A very basic table of the contents of these letters follows:


Church Location Name Meaning Areas of Faithfulness Areas of Unfaithfulness Possible Punishment Reward To Overcomers (proof of genuine salvation)
Ephesus Desired or Allowed Many areas of faithful outward service.  Hate doctrine of Nicolaitanes. Left first love (Christ)Service not motivated by love for Christ. Removal of candlestick (church no longer enjoying fellowship w God) Eat of Tree of Life in Paradise
Smyrna Myrrh Spiritually rich N/A N/A Not hurt by second death
Pergamos Fortified Tower Faithfulness in face of persecution Allowing doctrine of Balaam and Nicolaitans(physical and spiritual fornication) Will war against those who hold false teaching Be given hidden manna and white stone with new name
Thyatira Sacrifice, Offering, Corpse Works of love, service, faith, patience False Prophetess in midst. (sexual immorality and idol worship) Sickness, tribulation and death upon her and her followers. Be given power over the nations
Sardis Depart, Escape, Exit A few faithful areas of service remain. A few faithful members remain. Testimony that they are spiritually alive but really dead.  Their works not “perfect” before God. Will come upon them as a thief (implied removing anything of value leaving spiritually destitute) White garments.  Name not blotted out of book, confess his name before the Father
Philadelphia Love Of The Brethren Kept Word not denied name of Christ. Persevered in trials N/A N/A Permanent pillar in temple of God.  Name of God and New Jerusalem upon them. New name given to them
Laodicea Judgment Of The People N/A Lukewarm service.  Blinded to their spiritual destitution. Spew out of Lord’s mouth. Rebuking and chastening from Lord. Sit with Christ in throne.


We will see that each message contains four basic parts:

  1. Description of Christ
  2. Commendation for faithfulness and consequences
  3. Exposing unfaithfulness and consequences
  4. Promise to Overcomers


May the Lord continue to bless us as we continue in our study of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ!



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    Good summary and preview of what is to come with the 7 churches

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