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Our 2010 Series On The Halloween Celebration…

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SIH ICONFor all the new followers of SIH blog…We previously posted a series on the Bible’s teachings concerning different aspects of the world’s celebration of the Halloween holiday.

Well worth the time to read/listen to the series.  It better helps us to understand our responsibility as Christians when we are invited to the season’s celebrations.  And be sure to answer the poll question at the end of part #1!


 Halloween Part #1 – The Celebration:

Halloween Part #2 – The Death Symbols Of Halloween:

Halloween Part #3 – The Sorcery Symbols:

Halloween Part #4 – The Necromancy Symbols:

Halloween Part #5 – What Should Christians Do?:


  1. Terry says:

    This shall be very interesting

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

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