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This Speaks For Itself….

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Credit:  Jilla Nithur originally shared to Every Day Teen Post (All posts): on Google+


  1. That is what my 2nd born miracle grandchild looked like when he was born 5 months early. You could put him in a tea cup. No one can ever tell me that God is not. He is now a plump 10 year old going on 11. Praise God, He is the best when it comes to His will being done. Oh, praise Him, praise Him.

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Tahnks for sharing your blessing with us! Our Lord is so amazing… whenever I see information about how a child develops in the womb and all of its process of development it amazes me. It is just as the picture states… How can a little one like that not be an individual who deserves to live? I personally believe, the Bible teaches that the individual exists from conception on, but I realize that many would disagree. I cant imagine how anyone can believe a fetus that is 12 weeks old is not an individual. May the Lord have grace3 on our country and ipen the eyes of those who cannot see what is so obvious.

      Lord bless you Sheila!

      • It is so sad that the minds of the unbelievers are so clouded. And their ears so muffled. And their eyes so blind. To not see the loving unique character born at the beginning. Just think if God terminated the growth of the universe before maturity? How absurd is it to believe there is absolutely no purpose already assigned for that little baby. Let us never cease praying for our political leaders. Enough of the blind leading the blind!

        • Rob Barkman says:

          I agree with you 100%. In my mind, it is incredible to think that our country allows babies such as this to be killed on a daily basis. It seems so obvious, but it is just as you say…. due to the influence of the powers of darkness in this world, we find blindness on the part of lost mankind which allows them to coomit these murders without giving it a second thought. May the Lord have mercy upon our nation (especially its leaders) and open the eyes of those who are so blinded to the truth!

  2. […] This Speaks For Itself….. […]

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