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“The Three Great Benefits Of Thanksgiving”

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This Psalm, which is attributed to King David is a Psalm that was written during times of great affliction (Vs 1-12).  In this Psalm, we find David explains his situation to God (Vs 13-21) and then, asks for His intervention in the situation (Vs 22-29).

Then, in an act of faith, he begins thanking the Lord for His future intervention in the situation (Vs 30-36).  What great faith… To honor and give thanks to the Lord before He worked!

This Psalm gives us a wonderful example to follow during times of heartache in our lives.

However, we will not be looking at this entire Psalm in detail for this lesson.  Instead, the intent of this lesson is to look more closely at David’s time of faith in and thanksgiving to the Lord and the benefits accrued from it.





Psa 69:30-32 KJV

(30)  I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.

(31)  This also shall please the LORD better than an ox or bullock that hath horns and hoofs.

(32)  The humble shall see this, and be glad: and your heart shall live that seek God.



(Verse 30)   David’s determination to honor the Lord with his thanksgiving:

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.”


In the midst of David’s trials, before he saw the intervening hand of God, we see him determined to honor the Lord and praise Him with thankfulness.

Before we begin to look at the benefits of giving thanks to the Lord, we need to understand the basic definition and some principles of concerning the giving thanks…


  1. David’s definition of “thanksgiving”.

In this text, the Hebrew word that is translated “thanksgiving” is the word “towdah”.  This word helps is to understand the basic idea behind thanksgiving.

This word means “to extend the hand”.  This pictures for us the idea of handing over a gift to show our appreciation.   It involves not simply a verbal thank you, but it is a thankfulness that is backed up by our actions (normally some type of giving of ourselves motivated by appreciation).   In the OT a common way that thanksgiving was shown was through the handing over of an animal for a sacrifice of worship to Jehovah.

Folks, this is a very important point.  The type of thanksgiving that David had in mind when he penned this verse, was not a simple saying “thanks”, but it was a deeply sincere type of thanksgiving that would be shown by sacrificing for the one we appreciate.


  1. David was compelled by the Holy Spirit to “praise” the Lord…

The idea of “praise” involves directing attention to the Lord.  It is like shining a spotlight on the Lord allowing those around us to clearly see Him and learn more about Him.

David was going to do this by singing songs that would clearly tell others of His greatness and all He had done, and would do, for David.


  1. David desire was to “magnify” the Lord through Thanksgiving (through giving of himself )…

The idea of “magnify” involves making something greater or higher in other’s sight.  By David giving of himself for the Lord, others would see how great God is.  David’s acts of thanksgiving would “magnify” the Lord in others’ sight allowing them to see His value for their lives more clearly.

Now that we have learned about the meaning and motives that should lie behind our thanksgiving, let us now begin to see the benefits of the giving of thanks to our Lord for His person and His wonderful works on our behalf…



(Verse 31)   Benefit Of Thanksgiving #1… It Pleases God

This also shall please the LORD better than an ox or bullock that hath horns and hoofs.”

Our verbal praising of the Lord (songs) and magnifying the Lord through our actions (thanksgiving) are more pleasing to our Lord than outward religious acts of piety and worship.

Religious acts of worship that are done out of routine and necessity are the acts of those who hypocritically serve the Lord.  However, our willful words of praise and acts of sacrifice motivated by appreciation are acceptable, and desirable, to God.   As a matter of fact, the word for “please” actually implies a type of pleasure or happiness.  In other words, these sincere acts of worship make our Lord happy.

One of the great benefits of the giving of thanks is that we are pleasing God with our lives.


(Verse 32a) Benefit Of Thanksgiving #2… It Helps Others

“The humble shall see this, and be glad:”

Not only do our giving of thanks to God please Him, but they also are beneficial to others around us.

The greatest benefit comes to those who are humble.  This teaches us two truths:


  1. If “the humble” are referring to those who are lost, under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, recognizing they can do nothing to secure their own salvation…

The convicted lost can greatly benefit from our words and acts of thanksgiving because our thanks will point them to Christ, His love, grace and kindness, and His willingness to intervene and grant salvation to those who cannot save themselves.  As we tell others of His gracious workings in our lives, motivated by a spirit of thankfulness, we are telling others that our Lord can and does intervene in the lives of the helpless comforting them and meeting their every need.

Folks, think about it, every time the Lord intervenes in a seemingly  “impossible” situation in our life, it is an outward display of His ability to intervene in the life of a lost individual and do for them what they cannot do for themselves… deliver them from their sins and the punishment for sin that awaits them.


  1. If “the humble” are referring to those who are by faith submitting to the Lordship of Christ, then we are being told that our words and acts of thankfulness encourage the heart of believers. This takes place in two ways:

First of all, the saved are encouraged knowing that others are serving the Lord and honoring Him with their lives even in the face of great trials and testings.  In effect, we are telling them they are not alone.

Secondly, the saved are encouraged knowing that, if the Lord has (or will) intervene and meet our every need in the midst of the storms of life, there is no reason for them to doubt His intervention in their life as well.  As they see His blessings upon us, they recognize His ability to bless them as well.

Another of the great benefits of the giving of thanks is that we are helping those who are around us.


(Verse 32b) Benefit Of Thanksgiving #3… It Revives Ourselves

“and your heart shall live that seek God.”

David now tells us that words and acts of thanksgiving to the Lord are beneficial to the thankful one…it revives the heart of the thankful… it encourages and strengthens them.

How is this so?  When we verbally, and actively, thank the Lord for His blessings, it reminds us of His love for us, what He has done for us in times past, and the blessings He has promised for us in the future.   It encourages our hearts knowing that He has been with us in times past and, therefore, there is no reason to expect Him to continue to accompany us along our life path whatever may come our way.

The last of the great benefits of the giving of thanks is strengthening and encouragement for the thankful one. 




During this thanksgiving season when our attention is turned towards the Lord’s goodness and blessings He has shown to us May we all actively present our thanksgiving to Him, realizing we are not only pleasing God by encouraging those around us and strengthening ourselves in His joy.

May the Lord bless you as you seek His truth.



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  1. Terry says:

    Wonderful reading Rob

  2. Rob,
    Your writings, studies and words of encouragement are so timely and especially appreciated at this season we are reminded of thanksgivings to our Lord. God bless you and your family…Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Streim says:

    God bless you Rob for the ministry of the Truth that our Lord has most obviously given you here at wordpress! I am so thankful for you easy to understand messages, studies and more.
    In His most precious love,

  4. pilgrim316 says:

    Thank you for this devotional on my favorite holiday. It truly enhances the biblical meaning of Thanksgiving.

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Thanks for the reblog! The privilege of thanksgiving is a wonderful grace that the Lord gives to us! May we all take advantage of this great opportunity we have been given!

  5. SLIMJIM says:

    Thank you for this study


    A great lesson taught with excellence. Thank you and may the Lord continue to best you with greatness as you teach His Holy Word. Have an awesome thanksgiving. May His peace rest with you, your ministry and family this thanksgiving.

  7. Shofar says:

    Thank you, Pastor Rob for your teachings and exhortations to be faithful disciples of Christ. How blessed we are when we are in right fellowship with God and how grieved He is when we are not appreciative of His great love for us. Deut 28:45-47

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