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Revelation 4: Summary

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In our previous studies we have seen that Revelation chapter 4:, which begins a vision of worship taking place in heaven, contains 2 main divisions:

  1. Revelation 4:1-5 – The throne of God
  2. Revelation 4:6-11 – The worship of the four beasts and the twenty-four elders




  1.  Revelation 4:1-5 – The throne of God 

In this first part of the vision, John sees a wondrous vision of the throne of God in heaven.  This vision displays the worship of the Lord by the spirits of the saints of God who have died and gone on before us.

John sees God’s all-encompassing authority symbolized by God sitting upon a throne.  God’s appearance is associated with colors that represent His holiness, justice, mercy and wrath.  Likewise the rainbow encircling the throne symbolizes God is the supremely faithful One who is the source of all physical and spiritual life.

John also sees “twenty four elders” sitting upon twenty-four thrones.  These twenty-four elders represent the saints of the most high with an emphasis on their position as the eternally blessed of God. They are twenty-four in number symbolizing their number includes both OT (12 tribes of Israel) and NT (12 apostles) saints. Their white robes reveal their righteous standing before God, their crowns symbolize for us their rewards for faithfulness including the authority to rule with Christ.

This part of the vision closes with lightning, thunder and voices coming from the throne representing the greatness of God, the One sitting on the throne.  Also John sees 7 lamps in front of the throne representing the one Holy Spirit ready to perform His seven-fold ministry at the bidding of God.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:



  1.  Revelation 4:6-11 – The worship of the four beasts and twenty-four elders

In the second part of this vision, John sees sea of glass proceeding from God’s throne.  This sea symbolizes the perfect way of salvation which contains the living water that gives access to eternal life. Symbolically, it also explains that this way of salvation finds its origin in God, it is revealed to mankind through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it reveals man’s true condition and the genuine way that secures deliverance from sin.

In this vision, John also sees four beasts, which are representative of the saints of God with an emphasis on the spiritual life that they possess.  Their description and the accompanying symbolism is very detailed.  Basically, we are taught that those who possess eternal life from Christ: rule with Christ; serve Christ; although saved, are weak and frail due to their sinful flesh; can transcend the sin and trials of this temporal world because of their everlasting life; recognize their sin, are ashamed of it, but do not let it hinder their service to Christ; their possession of spiritual knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  We also see their main activity in heaven is worship their God by praising Him for who He is and what He has done for them.

In the final part of this vision, John sees the twenty-four elders worshipping God by casting their crowns before the throne of the Lord.  This pictures for us the truth that all of our acts of service to the Lord are the result of His divine gracious enabling.  Following the receipt of rewards they are given back to God as the One who truly deserves them.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:




In the next lesson in our series, we will be looking at Revelation 5:. In chapter 5 we have a continuation of this vision seen by the Apostle John.  We will have the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ as a Lamb who holds the world’s history from creation to consummation in His hands.

The following is a short outline of this entire vision…

  1. Vision Of Heaven 4:1-5:14
  2. Worship Before The Throne  (4:1-11)
  3. The Throne Of God (vs 1-5)
  4. The Four Beast’s Worship Of God (vs 6-11)
  5. The Scroll And The Lamb (5:1-7)
  6. Worship Of The Lamb (5:8-14)           


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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