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Revelation 6: Summary

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In Revelation chapter 6:, we begin to see the first six seals (on the seven-sealed scroll) being broken. These seals will reveal to us the types of events that must take place on the earth prior to the second coming of Christ:




  1. Opening of first 6 Seals 6:1-17
  2. 1st Seal – White Horse – False Teachers/AntiChrists 1-2
  3. 2nd Seal – Red Horse – Wars and Rumours of War 3-4
  4. 3rd Seal – Black Horse – Famines and Other Shortages 5-6
  5. 4th Seal – Pale Horse – Catastrophic Deaths 7-8
  6. 5th Seal – Souls Under The Altar – Martyrdom of the Saints 9-11
  7. 6th Seal – Cataclysmic Changes on Earth and in Heaven – Taking of Truth/Undoing Works of Unrighteousness – 12-17




  1.  Revelation 6:1-8 – Opening Seals 1-4

In these verses, we see the first four seals located on the seven-sealed scroll broken and their contents revealed to us.  These seals reveal to us four different types of events that have taken place on earth from the times of John to the second coming of Christ.  They all stand as a reminder of Christ’s second coming, the reliability of His Word and His faithfulness to keep His promises given to us.  Also they are required prerequisites for the saint’s receipt of the eternal inheritance that is awaiting them…

  1. Seal 1 – vs 1-2

In this seal we have revealed a rider upon a white horse that shares similarities with visions of Christ in the Book of Revelation. His desire is to “conquer” (overcome, dominate) God’s people.

This rider represents Anti-Christs (those that oppose Christ and those that attempt to replace Christ).  This includes false “Christian” prophets/teachers, those who claim to be Christ returned to earth, and those who are leaders and teachers of other religions apart from Christianity.


  1. Seal 2 – vs 3-4

In this seal a rider on a red horse is revealed.  This rider possessed the ability to take peace from the earth, causing great conflicts that result in death, and the ability to create wars and the threat of wars.

This rider represents war and the threat of war.


  1. Seal 3 – vs 5-6

In this seal we see a rider on a black horse holding a pair of measuring scales used by merchants to weigh and sell their goods.   We hear in the background a proclamation concerning the current value of daily staples need to survive.  Basically, we are told that one day’s wages can buy one day’s worth of wheat for one person; one day’s wages can buy one day’s worth of barley for a three member family; and there is a great shortage of olive oil and wine.

This rider represents great famines and shortages that will affect all mankind.


  1. Seal 4- vs 7-8

In this seal we see a pair of riders “death” and “hell” riding upon “pale” horses.  These riders symbolize the two different results of physical death upon mankind… “death” speaks of the condition of the body when it no longer possesses human life (commonly called a “corpse”).  “Hell” does not speak of a literal place, but it speaks of the condition of the human spirit when it no longer is encased by a body (commonly called a “disembodied spirit”).  We are then told of the causes of the death that has taken place… sword, hunger, death (pestilences), beasts.  All of these speak of horrendous, and many times violent deaths that take place on earth.

This rider represents horrible physical deaths that take place among mankind……


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:




  1. Revelation 6:9-17 – Opening Seals 5-6

In this section of Scripture, we see the next two seals being broken, seals 5 and 6.  These seals continue to reveal to us types of events that must take place before the second coming of Christ…


  1. Seal 5 – Vs 9-11

In this seal we see the souls (physical life) of martyrs lying under the altar of God in heaven. Much like the blood of the OT sacrifices that flowed from the animals who were slain as the Jews worshipped Jehovah.  This helps us to understand that their lives were given to Christ was acts of worship, motivated by a desire to please and glorify Him.  We find them questioning when the Lord will judge and avenge them by sending His wrath upon those who abused and murdered them.  They are told to be patient and to rest from their labors as more faithful saints were to be slain and abused before His second coming would take place.   They receive white robes of righteousness that picture both Christ’s imputed righteousness and their works of righteousness which results in their abuse.

In this seal we see the abuse, and murder, of the saints of God.   This seal helps us to understand that those who dedicate themselves to the service of Christ become sacrifices for His glory (either through martyrdom or as “living sacrifices”) and, as such, can expect to be opposed, some even to death for their stand for Christ.


  1. Seal 6 – Vs 12-17

In this seal we see several horrific natural disasters that wreak havoc on the earth… a great earthquake, the sun darkened, the moon turned blood red, the stars falling, the entire heavens disappearing, and every mountain and island shifting.  These events picture many of the results of God’s wrath that is currently shown against sin in the lives of the lost including: great mourning; bloodshed (death); the vanity of their earthly pursuits; and especially, the taking of the truths of God for the earth.  These great occurrences reveal to the lost world that God’s wrath will shortly take place (seal 7) which causes them to desire death, hoping to escape the final judgment of God for their sins

This seal represents for us the wrath fo God that is CURRENTLY falling against lost mankind and it’s great results in the lives of the lost.

(Also, perhaps, this gives us a veiled declaration of some of the literal, physical changes that will take place on the earth just prior to Christ’s second coming.)


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:





In the next lesson in our series, we will be looking at Revelation 7:.  In Revelation 7: we will see events that will take place immediately prior to the sending of God’s wrath at His second coming (seal 7) upon lost mankind.  Basically, this section of Scripture, which takes place prior to the opening of seal 7, speaks of God taking His people from the earth, as an act of protection before His wrath falls…

1.   The Sealing Of 144,000 (God’s people identified and protected) 7:1-8
a.  4 angels with 4 winds 1
b.  Angel with seal of God 2-3
c.  Sealing of 144,000 4-8
2.  Worship In Heaven (God’s people, now protected, arrive in heaven and worship) 7:9-17
a.  Innumerable Multitude 9-10
b.  Angels, Elders, Creatures 11-12
c.  Questioning about Multitudes 13-17


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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