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Revelation 8: Summary

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In chapter 7, we saw the events that will take place AFTER the events of today (chap 6) and immediately PRIOR TO His second coming.

Beginning here in chapter 8, and continuing in chapter 9, we will see the second coming of Christ and, especially, His wrath that will fall against lost mankind.  These truths about the wrath of God are presented in the fashion of seven trumpets that are sounded by angels.  They are divided into two types of trumpets.  Trumpets 1-4 affect nature directly and mankind indirectly.  Trumpets 5-7 affect lost mankind directly because of this, they are given the title “the three woes” 


  1. Revelation 8:1-6 – The Opening Of The Seventh Seal

In this section of Scripture, John sees the opening of seal seven which is followed by a period of silence.  This silence emphasizes the gravity of what is about to take place.  God’s wrath is ready to fall and Christ is ready to return to the earth at His second coming.  These are two of the greatest events that will ever take place throughout the history of all mankind.

Following this silence, seven angels receive the seven trumpets whose sounding will initiate the falling wrath of God.  The trumpets symbolically present a warning of the coming wrath and an announcement of the soon arrival of the coming King of Kings.

Another angel is seen receiving a golden bowl that contains incense offered with the prayers of the saints of God.  This symbolizes God’s pleasure with. and receipt of, the prayers of the saints asking for vengeance to fall upon their enemies.  God will answer these prayers shortly as His wrath begins to fall.

Later, the same bowl is used to initiate the falling of God’s wrath, pouring fire from the incense altar onto the earth.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:


  1. Revelation 8:7-12 – The Sounding Of Trumpets 1-4

As John’s vision continues, he sees the opening of seals 1-4:

Seal 1 affects the Trees and Grass which symbolizes proud, rebellious and self-reliant, lost mankind.  This seal send hail, fire, and blood upon the lost, this symbolizes God’s presence and the physical suffering and death that will take place.

Seal 2 involves a burning mountain which affects the sea and all in the sea.  This symbolizes God’s wrath falling upon the spiritual kingdoms (false religions) of this world.

Seal 3 uses the symbols of the star Wormwood falling upon the drinkable waters of the earth, poisoning them.  This results in many deaths.  This is a symbol of God’s wrath falling against Satan and false teachers who pervert the true life-giving gospel message.  We also see that those who follow his teachings will be destroyed as well.

Seal 4 reveals a “smiting” of the sun, moon, and stars, which symbolizes the political powers of the world. These powers will be destroyed and hammered into submission making way for the eternal Kingdom of the Lord in the New Heavens and the Earth.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:



In the next lesson in our series, we will be looking at Revelation 9: which will look at the sounding of trumpets  5 and 6.  These trumpets are described as the first two of three “woes” that will fall upon mankind.  They will involve God’s wrath falling directly upon lost mankind and the wicked spiritual, political, and dark kingdoms of this world.

May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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  1. This study was a wonderful blessing to me this morning. I’m finally catching up. Thank you Pastor Rob for your true devotion to His word and teaching others. – Blessings to you and yours- Shelia

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Sheila. You have been a blessing to my heart over the few years we have known each other. Lord bless you my friend. Glad you are catching up!

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Thank you for this summary

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