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Revelation 9: Summary

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Beginning in chapter 8, and continuingin chapter 9, we will see the second coming of Christ and, especially, His wrath that will fall against lost mankind.  These truths about the wrath of God are presented in the fashion of seven trumpets that are sounded by angels.  They are divided into two types of trumpets.  In chapter 8, we saw Trumpets 1-4 affect nature directly and mankind indirectly.  Here in chapter, 9 we will look at Trumpets 5-6 affect lost mankind directly.   Later in our study chapter 11 and 16, we will look at Trumpet 7.  These three trumpets (5-7) all affect mankind directly, this is why they are given the title “the three woes”



  1. Revelation 9:1-12 – The Sounding Of Trumpet 5

In this section of Scripture, John hears the fifth trumpet sounding.  He sees a star falling from heaven.  This star symbolizes a person (Christ) who is given the ultimate authority over the bottomless pit.  This came true in a literal fashion when Christ came to the earth at His first coming and was exalted to the right hand of the Father following Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

This star is then seen opening the pit and releasing smoke and an army of locusts, who are sent to torment lost mankind.

The smoke arising from the pit reminds us that the bottomless pit is speaking of the Lake of Fire, the place reserved for the punishment of Satan, other fallen angels and lost mankind.  The army of locusts is symbolic of demonic forces that are at work during the last days.  The activities of the locusts are limited by the sovereign hand of God, and are used to partially deliver God’s wrath against lost mankind.

The description of the locusts remind us of many dangerous, vicious and painful aspects of their work.  They act as an army united to cause great suffering and pain upon lost men.  This great suffering results in men wanting to die, but unable to kill themselves or each other by the sovereign hand of Almighty God.

These locusts are said to have a King over them, which refers back to the star that fell from heaven.  Christ, as their controlling sovereignty is their Lord.  Many of the titles that fit Christ’s workings during the judgment of the last day is the title of Destroyer, the translation of the Hebrew Abaddon and the Greek Apollyon.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:



  1. Revelation 9:13-21 – The Sounding Of Trumpet 6

As John’s vision continues, he hears Trumpet 6 sounding…

Then he hears the prayers of God’s people for justice calling for the loosing of God’s wrath upon the lost.  In this trumpet the wrath of God being sent upon lost mankind is represented by four angels that are released at the appointed time from the Euphrates.

These angels help us to understand that God’s wrath is a world-wide wrath, touching the four corners of the earth.  Their coming from the Euphrates at a specifc point in time shows us that God’s wrath was not a “spur of the moment thing”.  It was a well-planned event that was a part of the eternal counsel of God.

Following their release, these four angels are now seen by John as an army of 200 million angelic beings.  In the previous trumpet, we saw the Lord using demonic powers to bring about His will.  In this trumpet we see the angelic forces of God (elect angels) being used as well to bring about the complete, total victory of Satan and His demonic forces.

Much of the description of this army points us to the justice and judging hand of God being controlled by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  This battle was actually won at the cross and Christ’s resurrection that followed, however, it will be brought to completion at the second coming of Christ.


For a much more detailed look at this section of Scripture:




In the next lesson in our series, we will be looking at Revelation 10:.  This will give us a break from the trumpet judgments and will introduce us to a mighty angel with a little book in his hand.  The contents of this little book will be revealed in Revelation 11 and will answer the question “Why does God’s wrath fall against lost mankind”.

May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.


  1. DJ says:

    Very good review. Thank you.

    I believe and think that the plagues of Revelation will be similar to the events in Egypt (world) and the protection given the Children of Israel (Believers/ elect).

    The virgins will awaken soon. Day of the Lord begins very soon (5776).

    Rev. 12:11

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, there are many similarities between the judgment at His second coming and the 10 plagues of Egypt. ONe of those is the protection of His people. For the Israelites in Egypt, they were protected IN THE MIDST of the judgments. For thsoe at His seocnd comging they will be taken out before the judgments begin. We’ll see that in great detail in the next chapter. Lord bless. Thanks again!

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Thank you for this summary


    My Brother you have done an amazing job in teaching the lessons from this great book. I have learned much from your lessons. Although I have studied this book in great depth I have done very little teaching from it. Thanks for your wisdom teaching and praises to God for equipping you for this journey. Be bless my friend and live in the peace and presence of the Lord.

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Thank you for your kind words. The little that I can understand in this book is only through the grace of the Lord I give Him all the praise. Do know how you feel. The more I study Revelation the more I realize I am only covering a few “surface” truths… there is so much more that I am missing. I will leave those things to God’s grace and others to come to understand.

      Once again, I appreciate you so much my brother. For several years now you have been the source of encouragement and strength. May the Lord bles syou richly for your faithfulness my friend and brother.

  4. Wow! I really am enjoying this series. It is sad to read that even at this stage beginning with verse 20 that there were still people existing who did not repent. Now that is the mark of Pharaoh- a hardened heart.

    • Rob Barkman says:

      I know what you are saying Sheila. What amazes me even more is that we all would be in the same shape apart from the Lord’s working in our hearts and showing us our need of Him. What a wonderful Lord we serve! Lord bless you.

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