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Revelation 10: Summary

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Chapter 10:1-11:14 gives us a break from our look at the seven trumpet judgments. (We have already looked at trumpets 1-6 in Revelation 8:-9:; and we will see the contents of Trumpet 7 beginning in 11:15.)  In chapter 10:1-11:15, we will be given the answer to the question “Why does God send His wrath upon lost mankind at His second coming?”


  1. Revelation 10:1-11 – The Mighty Angel and the Little Book

In this vision, John sees a mighty angel descending from heaven.  A description of this mighty angel is symbolic of Christ, His deity, faithfulness, and justice.  Christ’s feet are planted firmly on the sea and earth, symbolizing His sovereign ownership and control over all creation.

Later in this chapter, we see Christ swearing by the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, which is a clear description of Himself.  Why would He swear by Himself?  It is because there is no one greater than Himself… He is God!  He is swearing that time will be no longer, referring to His coming eternal kingdom that will no longer be limited by time as we know it.

This same Christ is seen holding a “little book”, showing to us that He is ultimately in control of its contents.  The contents of this book will be revealed in Revelation 11:1-14, it will give many reasons why God’s wrath will fall during His second coming.  This little book is “open”, helping us to see that its message is ready to be received by John and revealed to his readers.  This is in stark contrast to the seven sealed scroll whose contents will not be revealed to John until all seven seals are opened.

John hears the voices of seven thunders, which are the announcements of the coming 7 vial judgments which make up trumpet judgment 7.  John is told to wait to receive and reveal these judgments because the proper time has not arrived.  He is to reveal the contents of this little book instead.

John is given a three-fold responsibility: to receive the message of the little book; digest it, being thoroughly familiar and understanding of it.  Finally, he was to share it with his readers by recording it as a part of the Book of Revelation.  This would lead to the entire world over many generations that would receive his testimony.

John is told that once he received this message it would make his “belly bitter” although it would be “sweet as honey” in his mouth.  This speaks of the two basic types of content found in the message of this little book.  On one hand, the little book contains a message that includes God’s grace, mercy, love, salvation and blessings, all of which are pleasing to those who read it.  But the message of the little book goes further, it also includes sin, wrath, spiritual darkness, and the abuse of God’s people, all of which are bitter in the stomach of those who serve Christ.



Next we will begin to look at Revelation chapter 11, which will reveal the contents of this little book.  Chapter 11 can be divided into several parts:

  1. 11:1-2 – Measuring The Temple – Rejection of the worship of God
  2. 11:3-13 – The Ministering Of The Three Witnesses – Rejection of the messengers of God
  3. 11:14 – Preparation For Trumpet 7 (The Third Woe) – 2 Woes down…. One to go!
  4. 11:15-19 – The Seventh Trumpet – The completion of God’s wrath at His second coming (detailed in Rev 16:)


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.


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  1. Wally Fry says:


    Just some feedback to let you know I am still really liking this Revelation Study…thanks!

    • Rob Barkman says:

      Thank you so much for the kind, encouraging words Wally… They do mean alot. Lord bless you as you continue to share the Word with others!

  2. amaben12 says:

    A good view of the topic of Revelation. I like the explanation of the symbolism which is important for our understanding.

  3. SLIMJIM says:

    Thanks for this summary!

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