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Revelation 11: Summary

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Chapter 10:1-11:14 gives us a break from our look at the seven trumpet judgments. (We have already looked at trumpets 1-6 in Revelation 8:-9:; and we will see the contents of Trumpet 7 beginning in 11:15.)  In chapter 11:, we will be given the answer to the question “Why does God send His wrath upon lost mankind at His second coming?”


The answer to this question is two-fold. God sends His wrath upon lost mankind because…

  1. Rev 11:1-2 – Lost Mankind Rejects His Worship
  2. Rev 11:3-13 – Lost Mankind Rejects His Witness

Then in Revelation 11:14-19 we find preparation for the final segment of God’s wrath that falls at His second coming. Other ways Revelation describes this portion of God’s wrath is “the 3rd woe”, “”the seventh trumpet”, or “vials one through seven”.  Symbolic detailed descriptions of this wrath will be found in Revelation 15:-16:.




  1. Revelation 11:1-2 – Rejection Of The Worship of God

In this text, we can see a clear division between those who are the true worshippers of God (shown by Jews who are worshipping in the inner court of the temple) and those who oppose God’s worship and are restricted from it (symbolized by Gentiles who inhabit the outer court of the temple.

The worship in the temple, the use of the altar and the Jews who worshipped therein comes from the Old Testament accounts of genuine worship of Jehovah.  In the Old Testament most Gentiles were restricted from  temple worship shown by their presence in the outer court only.

John is told by the angel to measure the temple, altar and count up the worshippers that are within the temple confines.  The measuring/counting of these is a symbolic representation of the worship of God’s people throughout the ages is accepted, approved and possessed by God.

On the other hand, John’s restriction from measuring the outer court and counting up the Gentiles in the outer court clearly teaches us that the lost of this world are restricted from engaging in true worship and entering His presence, even though they participate in worldly worship of false Gods.



  1. Revelation 11:3-13 – Rejection Of The Witness of God

In this portion of John’s vision, he sees the Lord give authority and strength to two witnesses (symbolic of all the witnesses of God throughout time, to actively witness of Christ and His truth until His second coming.  These two witnesses are likened to the lampstand and olive trees of Zech 4:, teaching us that their ministry of enlightening the world is only done through the enabling of the indwelling Holy Spirit in their lives.

Their ministry involves teaching the truths of God’s Word which will act as a fire purifying those who heed the warnings found in the Word, or increasing the responsibility and final judgment of those who eject their message of truth.

These witnesses are also likened to Elijah and Moses and the NT witnesses of Christ prior to the completion of the Word who performed many accrediting miracles to prove their witness was of God.  What does this teach us about all the witnesses of Christ throughout the ages?  They are all witnesses of the true Messiah Jesus Christ and they are accredited by God possessing His authority, message and empowerment to take the gospel to the world.

These two witnesses are slain by the beast from the bottomless pit, describing the great martyrdom of God’s people that have taken place throughout history at the hands of the powers of darkness of this world (pictured by the governments of Sodom, Egypt, Jerusalem, and Rome).   Please note all of these governments are directly related to the direct opposition to the Lord and His people throughout  history.

But that is not the end of the story.  In the midst of the lost world’s rejoicing over the death of God’s witnesses, we see Christ bringing the body of the witnesses back to life (at His second coming) and taking them to be in His presence while He avenges the mistreatment of His people (pictured by a great earthquake that takes the lives of many of the lost on earth).



  1. Revelation 11:14-19 – Preparation Of The Conclusion Of God’s Wrath (Trumpet Seven)

In this final section of John’s vision, we see the Lord being praised by the heavenly host of angels and redeemed men for the completion of His wrath that is about to come to pass.  With the completion of Trumpet seven judgment the sinful kingdoms of the world (who we have just seen martyring God’s people) will now be brought to an end, which will result in the Lord’s eternal Kingdom being established on the New Earth.

Along with praise for His ultimate, final victory over those who abused His people, He is also praised for initiating a time of judgment of both saved (rewarding them for their faithfulness) and lost (sentencing them to eternal judgment in the Lake of Fire).

John also sees the symbolic temple of God opened in heaven, revealing the Lord in His greatness and glory.  There John sees the ark of the testament revealing Christ as God; Sinless Man; Sacrifice For His People; Miracle Worker; Faithful, Protector, Comforter Of His People; King of Kings; Supreme Judge; Gracious, Merciful, and Forgiving; Ultimate Enabler and Caregiver  of His People.

Along with the ark of the covenant being seen, there also appears “lightnings, voices, thunderings, an earthquake and great hail”.   All of which audibly and visibly reveals the Lord’s greatness and glory as He prepares to complete His work of vengeance, and reformation as Trumpet seven is now ready to be revealed.



In Revelation chapter 12, we will be looking at another of John’s visions that reveals the history of God’s kingdom (the woman) and the first coming of Christ (the child) to the earth.  It will emphasize the attempts made throughout history to stop Christ from accomplishing His work and destroy His people from whom He came.  A short outline of this chapter is as follows:

Woman w Child & War In Heaven 12:1-17

  1. The Child’s Birth and Opposition To The Child 1-6
  2. The War In Heaven and Its Results 7-12
  3. The Divine Protection of The Woman 13-17


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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