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Revelation 15: Summary

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In the previous chapter, we have been presented to us the truth that the Lord will deliver His people from this fallen earth just prior to the falling of His wrath upon sinful mankind. This was symbolized by two differing reapings of the earth.  Now we continue looking at God’s wrath that will fall at His second coming by looking at the final stages of His wrath.  The last part of His wrath is called the seventh trumpet.  The contents of this trumpet will be shown to us in seven symbols.  These symbols are vials (bowls) of wrath that are poured out upon the lost.

In chapter 15, we will see the contents of trumpet 7 being prepared to fall upon Satan’s kingdoms.  In chapter 16, we see the actual bowls described in detail as they are poured out…

I.   Revelation 15:1-8
A.  Preparation For Seven Last Plagues (15:1-4)
B.  The Seven Vials Of Wrath Revealed (15:5-8)



  1. Revelation 15:1-4 – Preparation for the Seven Last Plagues

The chapter opens with a new vision being presented to John.  He sees angels that are preparing to deliver the final segment of God’s wrath against lost mankind.  This is symbolized for us as the angels holding seven vials (or bowls) of wrath ready to be poured upon the earth.

John sees God’s people standing before the throne in heaven singing songs of praise for His upcoming wrath and victory over Satan and His kingdom.  They are described as victors, those who will be victorious over Satan and his kingdom.   They are seen standing on the sea of glass that lay before the throne.  This pictures their partaking of salvation and the fellowship with God, both of which come through the work of Christ, the Lamb of God.


  1. Revelation 15:5-8 – The Seven Vials Of Wrath Revealed

John then sees the bowls of wrath being revealed in heaven.

John begins by seeing the symbolic heavenly temple opened as the angels of God proceed out from God’s presence symbolized by the priestly breastplates that they were wearing.   These angels are seen as righteous wearing pure white linen and actively doing God’s bidding by sending His wrath upon lost mankind.

As the angels departed from the temple they are given the bowls of wrath from one of the living creatures.  These creatures symbolize those who possess eternal life, those saved by God’s grace.  This helps us to understand that the saved play a part in the motivation for God’s wrath to fall.  It is due to the abuse they have suffered at the hands of the lost, and their prayers for divine retribution that they motivate the Lord to send His wrath against the lost.

Following the angels departure from the temple, John sees the temple filling with smoke symbolizing God’s greatness and His anger and wrath which has reached a “boiling point” and is about to be unleashed.



In this chapter, we saw the seven vials of God’s wrath were being prepared to fall upon lost mankind.  In the following chapter (Revelation 16:), we will see this last portion of God’s wrath reveled in great detail.  This portion of God’s wrath brings an end to the judgment of the lost on earth and brings physical destruction upon Satan and his kingdoms (political and religious) and those who partake of their sins…


I.  Revelation 16:1-21
A.  Command To Pour Out Vials (16:1)
B.  Vial One (16:2)
C.  Vial Two (16:3)
D.  Vial Three (16:4-7)
E.  Vial Four (16:8-9)
F.  Vial Five (16:10-11)
G.  Vial Six (16:12-16)
H.  Vial Seven (16:17-21)


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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