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Revelation 18: Summary

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Beginning in chapter 17: we have seen the recipient of God’s wrath, the kingdoms of Satan presented in great detail. Both the characteristics and identity of both aspects of Satan’s kingdom are brought into view.  In the next section of our study, chapter 18, will present various warnings for mankind to separate themselves from the kingdom of Satan..

  1. The Results of Babylon’s Judgment 18:1-24
  2. Victory Announcement Declaring Babylon’s Fall 1-3
  3. Warnings for God’s People To Depart From Babylon 4-8
  4. Warnings for Kings of The World to Depart From Babylon 9-10
  5. Warnings for Merchants of the World To Depart From Babylon 11-17a
  6. Warnings for Mariners of the World To Depart From Babylon 17b-20
  7. Millstone Cast Upon Sea… the Final Destruction Of Babylon 21-24




I.  Victory Announcement Declaring Babylon’s Fall 1-3

John sees “another angel”, a messenger from God that has His authority and glory being shown through the angel’s ministry.

The angel declares that Babylon has fallen into total desolation.  Christ has gotten the final, total victory over the religious kingdom of Satan.  Her great fall takes place because of the horrendous sins that she has perpetuated upon lost mankind.  She has led lost men to live uncontrolled lives. forming sinful unions that brought earthly prosperity to her and those who unified with her.


 II.  Warnings for God’s People To Depart From Babylon 4-8

The angel now gives a warning to the people of God to not form unions with her.    She has committed many sins and led mankind to do the same.  The saved are commanded to separate themselves form her wicked influences.  God has recognized all of her sinful actions and has prepared His wrath to fall upon her and those who have joined with her.

The false religions of the world are prideful, thinking only of herself and unconcerned about the eternal welfare of her followers.  Her pride led her to believe she is indestructible.   Because of her sinful pride and selfish deception of her followers, God’s wrath will fall quickly, unexpectedly and bring upon her ruin.


III.  Warnings for Kings of The World to Depart From Babylon 9-10

The angel, next warns the kings of the world to not join forces with Mystery Babylon.  There would be great enticement to do so, based upon great earthly gain awaiting those who join up with her.

However, at the defeat of Babylon, the kings will stand at a great distance away from her, hoping to not be touched by God’s great wrath.  They will come to realize that she is vulnerable to God’s wrath and that the earthly gain they had received from their union with her was short lived.


 IV.  Warnings for Merchants of the World To Depart From Babylon 11-17a

A warning is now declared to the merchants of the world.  The merchants had benefited in worldly riches and great worldly respect from their union with Babylon.   Now, at her defeat, they are greatly sorrowing.

Many different types of merchandise were being purchased from them for Babylon’s use during worship and expansion in the lost world around them.  Therefore, many different merchants were affected by her fall.  With Babylon’s fall, came the end of the merchant’s fulfillment of their lusts for riches and fame.  This is the reason why they mourned so greatly at Babylon’s fall. 


V.  Warnings for Mariners of the World To Depart From Babylon 17b-20

The mariners now receive a warning from God’s messenger.   Although they did not make direct transactions with Babylon, they took part in Mystery Babylon in a second hand way.  They sold goods to the merchants, who then sold these goods to Babylon.

They also mourned at the defeat of the religions of this world because they, too, had become enriched through her purchasing of their goods.  Once again, although they had received earthly gain, it was fleeting and placed them in a position of deserving of great spiritual ruin in their future.

God’s people are told to rejoice.  The same defeat that was dreaded by lost mankind, was a source of great joy to God’s people… they were seeing those who opposed them and profited from their abuse being judged and brought to ruin. 


VI.  Millstone Cast Upon Sea… the Final Destruction Of Babylon 21-24

The divine messenger closes by showing John a symbolic representation of the greatness of Babylon’s fall.   The angel uses a great millstone sinking into a sea to symbolize the judgment of Mystery Babylon that results in their disappearance from the face of the earth.  It will bring Babylon to a complete end bringing all activity and sign of life to a halt.

All of this took place because she had deceived others and used worldly riches to entice them to join in her sinful affairs.  During which time she abused the people of God putting many of them to death.



The contents of the sealed book will reveal what the saints have awaiting them in eternity with Christ.  The contents of the sealed book will be revealed to us in chapters 19-22.  This will bring to completion our study of the Revelation.

A very basic outline of the remaining chapters of Revelation includes:

  1. Rev 19 – What immediately precedes eternity with the Lord?
  2. Rev 20 – The opening stage of eternity with the Lord (1000 year reign – a time of judgment)
  3. Rev 21 – The subsequent stage of eternity with the Lord pictured as a great city
  4. Rev 22 – The subsequent stage of eternity with the Lord pictured as Eden restored


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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