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Revelation 19: Summary

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In the remaining portion of Revelation, we will be looking at the contents of the sealed book.  This book will reveal what the saints have awaiting them in eternity with Christ.  The contents of the sealed book will be revealed to us in chapters 19-22.  This will bring to completion our study of the Revelation.


A very basic outline of the remaining chapters of Revelation includes:

  1. Rev 19 – What immediately precedes eternity with the Lord? (background to eternity with the Lord)
  2. Rev 20 – The opening stage of eternity with the Lord (1000 year reign – a time of judgment)
  3. Rev 21 – The subsequent stage of eternity with the Lord pictured as a great city
  4. Rev 22 – The subsequent stage of eternity with the Lord pictured as Eden restored


Here is a short outline of chapter 19:…

  1. Rev 19:1-6 – The Lord praised for His great victory over the powers of darkness
  2. Rev 19:7-10 – The Lord’s relationship to His people – (The Marriage of the Lamb)
  3. Rev 19:11-21 – The Lord’s relationship to the lost – (Battle of Armageddon)



1.  The Lord praised for His great victory over the powers of darkness (Rev 19:1-6)

Immediately following the defeat of the powers of darkness, we see a heavenly scene of praise and honor being given to the Lamb for His great victory.  During this time of praise, all the saved and the angels of heaven have a part in rendering songs of praise to the victorious Lamb.   Their songs include the greatness of the Lord, the reasons for His judgments with a great emphasis on His holiness in judging those who were rebellious against Him.

 2.  The Lord’s relationship to His people – The Marriage Of The Lamb (Rev 19:7-10)

The scene next shifts to the Marriage of the Lamb, which is a symbolic representation of the Lamb and His people being prepared to spend eternity together.

We are told that the saints (the wife of the Lamb) have made themselves ready.  This is speaking of the saints continuing faithfulness to Christ during the time preceding the second coming of Christ.

Christ gives to His bride robes of white symbolizing His righteousness being placed on their account, as well as their lives of faithfulness on His behalf.  Perhaps these robes also symbolize the visible representation of His righteousness, their newly received glorified bodies which will be the visible proof Christ’s righteousness.

Much like a marriage is the beginning point of the groom’s and bride’s intimate lifelong relationship, this marriage between Christ and His bride symbolically signals the beginning of their eternity together.


3.  The Lord’s relationship to the lost – The Battle Of Armageddon (Rev 19:11-21)

In this section of Revelation 19:, the initiation of the Lord’s relationship to lost mankind is presented symbolically.   We see Christ at His second coming described in great detail.  The symbolism of His appearance and actions reveals that Christ is faithful, holy, ultimate authority holder, righteous, revealer of God to man.  Although all of these truths, and others, are presented in His description, we are also told that it is impossible to come to a complete understanding of His greatness which is shown by the name He possesses that no man can know.

Christ, at His second coming, is seem returning with His saints, who are described in this vision as “armies” which are in heaven.  Keep in mind, as Christ first appears in heaven, He will take His saints up to be with Him, graciously give them glorified bodies and then begin His descent with them following Him.

As Christ continues His descent the fowls of heaven are invited to prepare for a feast which will be made up of the corpses of the enemies of Christ which will be available to them following Christ’s complete victory over them.  Their death is symbolizing the completeness of their defeat, while their bodies lying unburied points to their shameful lifestyle they have lived.

Those opposing Christ are the powers of darkness made up of Satan, His kingdom (both political and religious aspects), demons, and lost mankind.  They all are found being opposed to Christ and in rebellion against Him at His coming.  As Christ simply speaks they are defeated (His words are the sword that is seen coming out of His mouth bringing them to defeat).

At their defeat, Satan’s kingdoms are cast into the Lake of Fire which will be their dwelling place throughout eternity.   The remaining lost are seen being brought to death by Christ.  Their bodies are consumed by the birds as a declaration of shame and their rebellious rejection of Christ, leading to their eternal separation from Christ.



In Revelation chapter 20, we will see the events surrounding the segment of eternity known as the 1000 year reign.  In vs 1-3 we will see that Satan is defeated, rendered helpless and cast into the Lake of Fire during this initial stage.

Then, we will see the 1000 year reign and the judgment given to the saints of God.  Following the 1000 year reign, we will see Satan’s release, the resurrection of the lost and their final judgment as they stand before God Alimghty.

This is a very brief outline of Revelation 20… the initial stage of eternity on the New Heavens and New Earth

  1. The Binding of Satan 1-3
  2. The 1000 Year reign 4-6
  3. Gog and Magog 7-10
  4. Great White Throne Judgment 11-15


May the Lord bless us as we seek to see Jesus in the pages of the book of Revelation.



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  1. Kelly Zooms says:

    He too has a name that no man can know?! Yay! Good post! I love the Word! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. SLIMJIM says:

    Thank you for this summary; you are almost at the end of Revelation!

    • Rob Barkman says:

      You are very welcome SJ. Yep, the series is coming to a close (probably finish up in September). Thanks for all your comments during the series. Lord bless you my friend.

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