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A Change In SIH Commenting Procedures

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Beginning in 2016, readers will no longer be able to post comments to this site.  This change is being made to facilitate the handling of comments being received from the increasing number of SIH internet sites.

Please submit your comments, questions or suggestions concerning any SIH posting MADE TO ANY OF OUR INTERNET SITES by simply sending an email to:

In your email please include the site name and lesson title.  You will receive a personal response ASAP.




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You can now find Settled In Heaven TEXT postings at:

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You can now find Settled In Heaven VIDEO postings at:

YouTube              GodTube


Also, Settled In Heaven Ministries is included in:

Christian Blessings            The Christian Gazette


You can follow SIH Ministries on the following social websites:

FaceBook            Google+               Twitter                 Tumblr

Pintrest                MySpace              GodInterest


Thank you for your continuing interest in the ministries of Settled In Heaven.  Please be in prayer for these ministries and the continuing expansion of SIH throughout 2016.  Look for future announcements of new sites where the SIH ministry will be available.

May the Lord bless you as you continue to study His Word!


Rob Barkman,
Founder and Director Settled In Heaven Ministries


  1. SLIMJIM says:

    May the Lord bless your ministry in 2016

  2. I would like to create a link to your blog/website to also on

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