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Medical Update

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I just wanted to touch bases with all the SIH Ministries readers.  I have undergone one surgery  in the Cleveland Clinic with and accommpaning 10 day hospital stay.  Currently I am home recooperating and preparing for a bladder tumor removal surgery in the near future.  The biopsy is not back yet but I would ask you to please pray for me that I would graciously, thankfully accept whatever comes my way.  Also please be in

prayer for my dear wife Eva who has so faithfully taken care of me during my home stay.    Please ask the Lord to grace her with strength and faith as she continued to deal with her mothers passing in mid November and then all my issues beginning in December .

To those following my current series.  Please be patient with me.  My future postings will come to an end soon but I have every intention, Lord willing to continue as soon as I am able following my next surgery.

Thank you all for your continuing prayers on my behalf.    They are needed and very much appreciated. May the Lord bless you.

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