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Christ In The Book Of Hebrews: “God Made The Worlds By Christ”

SIH HALTAL ICONGod, In The Person Of Christ, Is Creator Of All

Heb 1:2 KJV: Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;

Christ In The Book Of Hebrews: “God Appointed Christ Heir Of All Things”

SIH HALTAL ICONGod Gave Christ Ownership and Lordship Over All Creation.


Heb 1:2 KJV: Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds;


Christ In The Book Of Hebrews: “God Spoke To Us By His Son”

SIH HALTAL ICONGod Spoke To Us During Jesus’ First Coming.  He Did This Through Jesus’ Person, Words and Works.


Heb 1:1-2 KJV:  God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son,

The Radioactive Woman …. Or My, How Things Have Changed

SIH STSTA ICONAs I grow older, the degree in which our society has changed becomes more evident. Comparing my childhood times to today’s times is an eye opening experience.

To give you one example of this great change please watch this old-time commercial about the radioactive woman on youtube;

Incredible isn’t it?  This commercial emphasizes one of the good changes that has taken place in our society over the years, a much better understanding of the medical effects of radiation upon man.  This increased medical knowledge, has brought about an increase of health, nutrition, medical advances which have allowed us to live longer, healthier lives.

In spite of all the beneficial changes that have taken place, there are many changes that seem to have only brought harm to our society.  Throughout the years, there has been an obvious decline in morals, a diminishing respect for Christians and their foundational beliefs, a breakdown of the family unit… the list goes on and on.

The same social advancement that has brought us a changed society, has also brought us a world that is unrecognizable in many ways.   Just think, in my day, vinyl records were commonly used to record music.  In my early teen years 8-track tapes were used; these were followed by cassette tapes, compact disks, and now ipods.  In fifty short years, there have been 5 different devices used to store music. Things have changed so much that many are now unrecognizable.  A vinyl record is totally different from an electronic ipod.   Anyone unfamiliar with both couldn’t believe they perform the same function.

Yes, I can sincerely say…. “My, How Things Have Changed.”  Many things may have changed but there is One that has not changed, nor will He ever change. The Word of God tells us about Him….


Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

(Heb 13:8)


Paul, as He is writing to Jewish believers, emphasizes that their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, never changes. As Paul describes it, He is the “same”.  The term “same” in the Greek language is a term related to “breath”.  The idea is that Our Lord will always have breath, be alive, never decaying, never decomposing.  He will always be “the same” as He is now.  Quite unlike each of us, who someday will stop breathing, and begin a decaying process that will change our entire physical body.

Notice how Paul emphasizes the “sameness” of Christ in the past, present and future.  What a blessing it is to know that the same Christ we learn about in the Bible, is the same Christ that exists today, and is the same Christ that will exist in the future.  Again, the emphasis is on “no change” throughout eternity. This Hebrew passage is not the only passage that teaches us our Lord does not change. (Please read Psa 90:2, Psa 102:27, Isa 41:4, Isa 44:6, Mal 3:6, Jam 1:17, Heb 1:12 etc, the list goes on and on.)  All these verses, and others, not only teach us about His unchanging character, but also the importance of understanding and acknowledging this truth.


Think about what our life would be like if our Lord did change.  He could change His mind about His Word;  all of His promises to us would have to be questioned, we couldn’t know if He was still keeping  them.   What about His power?  Our once supreme controller; He now may have lost His control to Satan, demons, or even lost mankind.  Or maybe, the One who hears us as we call upon Him, may decide to “take a day or two off” and no longer “take our calls”.   What would our lives be like if the One who is ever with us, may desert us choosing to spend time with another?   Or worst of all, what if the One who loved us, may transfer His love to another, leaving us destitute, and hopeless, awaiting divine judgment?

But thanks be to our Lord, He NEVER varies nor does He perish . He can be relied upon as the same Lord and Savior throughout the ages; past, present and future.   He never changes.

For any who have not trusted in Christ as their Savior…  Think what it is like to have a never changing God who promises to be the ultimate Judge of all men’s lives.  To be prepared to stand before His ultimate Authority, we must receive His forgiveness for the times we have failed Him.  This forgiveness is granted to us freely, simply by placing our trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ.  (for more info please read Eph 2:4-10)

As believers, we need to always have thankful hearts because He does not change.  He can ALWAYS be relied upon, both for this life and for the eternal life to come.

May the Lord bless your study of His Word.

Like God’s Word… may your soul’s salvation and your life’s faithfulness be “Settled in Heaven.”

We Are Going Higher… to our Heavenly Country!

SIH STSTA ICONIn just the last few weeks, we’ve had a series of disasters strike our world.  Earthquakes, floods, oil spills and attempted terrorist attacks, just to name a few.  Put on top of that the condition of our economy, the two wars we are waging in the middle east, and the national debt… things look pretty bleak.  For everyone, there is much to be concerned about.

In spite of all these adversities, we can have the hope of a wonderful future.  Creed is one of many  popular groups that, throughout the years, have performed songs about this future. In their song “Higher”, they speak of a land where “blind men see”, and that possess “streets of pure gold”  (  What city are they talking about?  And more importantly, how can I get there?   Our amazing Lord has answered both these questions for us in His Word.   Let’s see what God says about this wonderful future ahead of us….


These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

(Hebrews 11:13-16)


Hebrews chapter 11, is filled with accounts of noble men (Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham etc.) who were willing to make great sacrifices for God.  You can read a summary of all they did for their Lord in Hebrews 11:1-12.

Beginning in verse 13, we are clearly told that these men, in spite of their faithfulness, died.  These men didn’t receive all that God had in store for them during their life on earth.  They had been promised that they would have a great future coming from God Himself.  This promise was fulfilled after their death.

Note our verses again, through faith in their Lord’s word, they believed that God would fulfill His promises of a great future for them… they saw the promises’ fulfillments “afar off, were persuaded of them, and embraced them”.   Although these men died… their life did not end there… God began to fulfill His promises to them by giving them eternal life.

God continued to fulfill His promises to them by giving them a miraculous future.  What was this future God had in store for them?  The latter part of our verses gives us an explanation.   This future is described as a better country, a heavenly country, and a city prepared by God for them.   These men would dwell in a country and city made by God Himself.  What a wonderful blessing awaited them in this city…. No more sickness, no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain; and, most importantly, never ending fellowship with their God.   (Rev 21:3-4)

This is the city where “blind men see”, this is where “streets of pure gold” exist.  This is the country that all men desire to enter. This is the land we call heaven.

Now onto our second question … “How can I get to heaven?”   The Lord makes it plain, access to heaven is given to those who have placed their belief in Christ, His words and His work on the cross. Trusting that through His death, our sin debt is paid and forgiveness from God is attained.  Belief in Him as Lord and Savior, is the key to a heavenly entrance.  (You can read more about this in John 14:1-7)


The promise of a heavenly home awaiting us should be a tremendous motivating force in our lives.   For those of us who are saved, it inspires us to continue to serve the Lord even during the difficult times of our lives.  It gives us the strength to continue on, in spite of the condition of the world around us.  It makes living a life for Him worth it all.

For those of us who are not saved, the promise of eternal life and an eternal dwelling place should persuade us to trust in Christ.  When the waves of a troubled life roll, He will fulfill our need of both an anchor and harbor.  When we are saved we become a member of His family… giving us security and hope in the midst of the storm.

During these disastrous times of life, we should be reminded that this world, and all it offers, can slip away in a heartbeat.  Our only security in this life is found in becoming a faithful follower of Christ, and an heir of the promises He has so graciously given to us.

May the Lord bless your study of His Word.

Like God’s Word… may your soul’s salvation and your life’s faithfulness be “Settled in Heaven.”