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By far, the best statement on the Supreme Court’s decision on homosexual marriage that I have heard…


May the Lord continue to bless TRBC and Bro Falwell for the strong stand they have taken.

I appreciate the men of God from both Fundamentalist and Reformed camps who have taken a strong, Scriptural stand on this issue.  I am perplexed by those of both camps who have yet to address the issue, or say that they must “consider all their options”.


Video Series On Suffering From Thomas Road Baptist Church

“When It Hurts Too Much To Cry”

Pastor Jonathan Fallwell, Pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church, has been presenting a series on suffering entitled “When It Hurts Too Much To Cry”,  based upon a book written by his father, Dr. Jerry Fallwell.

This series has been a wonderful personal blessing to me and I wanted to share it with you.


Click on the links to access written, video, and audio formats for this series…

How God Works In Our Sufferings
What’s The Answer
God Meant It For Good
Hope When You Are Hurting


To download a free copy of the book “When It Hurts Too Much To Cry”:

“When It Hurts Too Much To Cry”